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There is no "correct" order in discovering the cities of Al-Andalus, however, we can enhance the experience in the more modern cities by placing them after our main guided road trip and city tours through Cordoba and Granada, where the rich context and history of 'Al-Andalus' through is 'condensed'. This will also provide for you to plan your trip in different parts, take guided road trips, or faster, more independent connections for long-distance connections.
Our trip plans are designed to help you enjoy different 'moments' during your trip. You can think of this trip as 'modular', allowing for different connections and transport means for different cities, or stages of your trip.
The route decisions we have built into this form count on over 15 years of traveling and travel planning experience in Andalusia, Spain, for all types of travelers and group trips. Enjoy some of the unique experiences we offer, with full control and ease at your very fingertips, through this form.
This form will help you choose the closest city routes through the main capitals in Spain to the very heart of Al-Andalus, in Córdoba and Granada, where you can benefit from the 'essence' of our local insight by taking our exclusive guided tours, before connecting back at your own pace and style through other capitals in Spain.